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Cake and cigarettes for breakfast

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breakfastNothing else in the larder.


Little things

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mondayLemon-sour kisses in the air,  like a
hot air balloon – close to the
ground, hardly touching.
Touching. Carrying the air.

I was everything and nothing for a while. Thats all I want to be, sometimes.

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The autumn is here and the winter will come. I’m lying on my pillow.
The feeling of the monotony weekday is getting obvious.

Our skintone has faded. We became adults.

But then.

Your body clings to mine. My lips clings to yours.

If I would be addict to something, it would be to excitement like this.

The autumn is here, and the winter will come.IMG_1867

Dreams passing by beneath my eyelids

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and the night is passing by meIMG_1832

Unexpected questions

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Are you ever going to be normal, like the others, sometime?, he asked me.

I considered the word, normal.
Normal is like chilly rain on a day when all you longing for is to lying down in the green grass, laughing with someone in the sun.

No, I answered.

Lovers on a foreign ocean

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The thought of what we were,  loving fools on the foreign ocean.
I was a fool and you were my foreign kiss.
Your lips were the language I understood.

You were so eager to please me, and to love me,  like no one else.


Silent Hill

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Survival horror by Konamisilenthill

Everytime you leave

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Everytime you leave, I ´m thinking that this is the last time. The last time I will see you.

But you always come back, and every time you do, I look at you a little bit more intense than I would if I always knew that you were coming back.