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I´ll wrap that heart around my little finger

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It´s a shame

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The way I mess around with you, man.m1m2m1m

You wrote your number on my hand and it came off in the rain

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the boy i´d like is probably sitting home, alone, spending time on his computer, reading this.

come find me.

Went to a party, I danced all night, I drank sixteen beers and I started up a fight

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dscn 15

The hand that caress your soul

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You were lying on my pillow, laughing. Your look was getting cool by my existence.

My heart was beating through your veins and you became nervous when you felt my scent.
I know that it is hard for you to remember, to understand.

I know that the thought crossed your mind, it happens when you´re  lying beside someone else. Just at that time.

At that time, you are looking under your pillow,  looking for my hand. 
The hand that caresses your soul.

My hand is not there,  but somebody else´s.



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At every occasion I’m ready for the funeral

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Don´t waste your time on me, i´m already the voice inside your head.

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I won´t come home and stop your pain tonight.spray 162