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Will you fluff my pillows, buy me a comic and read it until i fall asleep?

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Got this fever, killing me.


Let’s do everything for the first time forever

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I saw this at seven eleven this morning, longing for coffee

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Don’t let yourself die without knowing the wonder of fucking with love

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Can you hear my breath?

I still see you even though my eyes are closed.

I whisper in your ear when you are asleep.

Minutes turns into hours.
Days turns into weeks.

I can´t hear you any longer.

All those notes that just get dusty in the drawer

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Will someone please call a surgeon who can crack my ribs?

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Your heart was made for bleeding all over me

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The announcement is clear.
The changeover is a fact.
Small signs that no longer make any sense, chilly floors without district heating.
A romance has died.

This is a unnecessary place, I was about to choose one of those windy roads but i ended up at the wrong one, that never really gave me something. Rewind this dream, I want to be in that crossroad again.

I put us into this risk again, like i always do.

This is how it shall be, in this relation between you and me.